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please be aware WRISTBANDS are sold separately.  You must purchase wristbands to access your camp site.



Common Questions and General Information

Where are these areas located?

Area 16 is located just northwest of Boxcar Hill Campground.  Area 16 is an existing campground with 70 - dry camping spots located on a paved surface.  Each spot is clearly marked and labeled with white paint.  Each spot is roughly 16' wide x 40' long.  This lot includes existing dumpsters, flush restrooms and showers.


How much are the camping passes?

Each spot is $250.

How many days are the camping passes good for?

Each pass is good for (5) five days and (4) four nights starting Wednesday October 7th and Ending Sunday October 11th.

How can I purchase camping passes?

Camping passes can be pre-purchased through our website by using the link on this page. If spots do not sell out prior to the event passes can be purchased at entry gate when you arrive.

Does my camping pass purchase include any wristbands?

No.  Camping passes and wristbands are sold separately.  We did this to keep the cost as cheap as possible and wanted to make sure each participant only had to purchase what they needed.

How can I purchase wristbands?

You can pre-purchase wristbands through the website for $25 or purchase them at the gate for $30.  We recommend purchasing them through the website to save $5 and help reduce wait times at the gate.    

Do I need wristbands to access my camping spot?

Yes, please be aware everyone in your vehicle will need wristbands to get through the entry gate to access your camping spot.  Wristbands are $25 per person through the website and $30 at the gate.  Kids 12 and under are free.     

Why is there a gate fee now?

We made some major changes this year to expand the event and reduce wait times to enter the event.  This includes expanding our camping from 200 trailers to 450 trailers, we created multiple air stations, we created multiple entry points to the sand, we added security in and around the event, we added ticket scanners at the gate to reduce wait times, we added extra portable restrooms and extra dumpsters.  Best of all we have added a few new events like a concert on the dunes, night races on the track, Hillfest competition, better trophies and a larger vendor row.  We hope these changes will make our great event even better.  Our gate fee is half the cost of the competition and all our events still remain FREE once you are through the gate.  So pay once, get your wristband and then leave your wallet in the trailer and enjoy all TAKEOVER has to offer FREE of charge.

When can I check in?

The event starts at 9:00am on Wednesday but you can check in starting Wednesday at 8:00am.  Early check-in is available starting Tuesday at 2:00pm.  If you would like early check-in please email us at info@utvtakeover.com to make sure your spot is available.  There is a $25 charge per trailer for early check-in

When do I need to check out?

All participants are asked to clean their sites and check-out by noon on Sunday October 11th. 

Is there a charge for extra vehicles or trailers?

There are no additional charges for extra vehicles or trailers, however all vehicles and equipment must fit within your reserved space. There will be no overflow parking available.

Will a dozer be available?

No dozer is required in this area.  Area 16 is an existing campground with 70 - dry camping spots located on a paved surface

Do I need a flag on my truck when I'm driving under my own power or getting towed to my spot?

No flags or additional ORV tags are required on your truck to access these camping sites.  Flags and ORV stickers are required only when you enter the sand.


How do I access my camping spot?

Area 16 can be accessed from Horsfall Beach Road.  Access to the campground will be monitored by our security team, making sure both the road and entrance remain unobstructed during the event. Our security team at the south gate will make sure all vehicles have the appropriate vehicle passes and/or camping reservations.  If trailers trying to enter the sand are staged on the access road, campers staying in Horsfall Campground will be allowed to bypass the line of trailers with the help of our road crew.


Does my site have utilities?

No.  These are dry camping sites located in a paved parking lot.  There is water located throughout the campground.  Campers are allowed to fill their trailers prior to parking or if you spot is close enough to water you can always run a hose to the water source.  Campers are not allowed to stay connected to the hose bibs during the event.  The hose bids are only available to fill tanks not provide a constant water connection during the event.  There are no dump locations for gray or black water in this campground.  Gray water is not permitted to be dumped on the pavement or in the grass.  If you need your tanks dumped during the event please call ROTO ROOTER at (541) 290-0775.  They will be camped on the sand and would be happy to service your trailer for a small fee.

Are campfires allowed in this area?

Camp fires are allowed in the campground.  Participants must use the fire rings supplied with each campsite.  We asked participants not to throw cans and garbage in the fire pits.

Are there dumpsters in this area?

Areas 16 is an existing campground and has multiple dumpsters location throughout the campground.  We ask that all participants help keep the dunes clean by using this dumpster during the event.


Are there restrooms/showers in this area?

Area 16 has existing flush restrooms and showers located on the west side of the lot.  The showers are coin operated and cleaned daily by our campground host.


Is there a campground host in this area?

Area 16 will have a full time Campground Host provided by UTV Takeover.  The campground host will monitor the campground at all times and check-in the campers as they arrive each day.  Our campground host will be camped in spots 1 and 2 at the entrance to the park.  Feel free to swing by and say hi, they are here to help and answer any questions you may have.

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