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This event is under Special Use Permit Issued by the Siuslaw Nation Forest




Common Questions and General Information


How much are the parking passes?

Each spot is $10 per day.

When do the lots open and close each day?

Each lot will follow the standard day use rules enforced by the forest service year around.  Each lot will open at 6:00am and close at 10:00pm

How can I purchase parking passes?

Passes are sold on a first come first bases and can not be reserved or pre-purchased.  Passes are available each day at the south entry gate located near the horsfall campground.  

Does my parking pass purchase include any wristbands?

No.  Parking passes and wristbands are sold separately.  We did this to keep the cost as cheap as possible and wanted to make sure each participant only had to purchase what they needed.

How can I purchase wristbands?

You can pre-purchase wristbands through the website or purchase them at the gate.  We recommend purchasing them through the website to reduce wait times at the gate.   

Do I need wristbands to access my parking spot?

No, the day use parking spots are located outside of the event area.  Simply purchase a pass at the gate, park and enjoy the open dunes that are not part of the event area.  The event area is located between Hauser Road and Boxcar Hill Campground.  If you wish to ride these dunes or enjoy any of the great events offered at UTV Takeover you will need to purchase an event wristband at the gate.  These can be purchased when you cross the pavement at Hauser Road (North Gate), Near Horsfall (South Gate) or when entering the sand near old bar or horsfall day use.  All 4 locations will be monitored by staff and checking wristbands throughout the event.

Why is there a gate fee this year?

We made some major changes this year to expand the event and reduce wait times to enter the event.  This includes expanding our camping from 200 trailers to 450 trailers, we created multiple air stations, we created multiple entry points to the sand, we added security in and around the event, we added ticket scanners at the gate to reduce wait times, we added extra portable restrooms and extra dumpsters.  Best of all we have added a few new events like a concert on the dunes, night races on the track, Hillfest competition, better trophies and a larger vendor row.  We hope these changes will make our great event even better.  Our gate fee is half the cost of the competition and all our events still remain FREE once you are through the gate.  So pay once, get your wristband and then leave your wallet in the trailer and enjoy all TAKEOVER has to offer FREE of charge.

Are campfires allowed in this area?

Camp fires are not allowed in the day use lots

Are there dumpsters in this area?

Yes all day use lots have access to existing dumpster provided and maintained by the Forest Service.


Are there restrooms/showers in this area?

Yes all day use lots have access to either pit toilets or standard restrooms.  Showers are NOT available in this area.


Is there a campground host in this area?

Yes all day use lots will have a full time Campground Host provided by UTV Takeover.  The campground host will monitor the campground at all times and check-in the campers as they arrive each day.  Our campground host will be camped in each lot near the entrance.  Feel free to swing by and say hi, they are here to help and answer any questions you may have.