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UTV Takeover has ways for your brand to integrate organically into the event. Activities are a great way to generate engagement at the event. Sponsoring an activity affords you numerous brand representations both online, on-site, and at the sponsored activity. Beyond that, it’s a great topical integration where both UTV Takeover and your brand can create content, social media momentum, community sharing/discussion, and more!

Vending & Sponsorships

The biggest value to offroad branding and exposure!

UTV Takeover is the most extensive community-focused, family-friendly tour of action-packed offroad events in the United States! The Takeover team takes pride in bringing the extended UTV community and the nation’s highest quality brands together to celebrate our offroad freedoms, culture, and unique experiences. 

The Takeover events have grown year after year to become the fastest-growing and most comprehensive events tour in our industry. The Takeover team has grown to produce multiple large-scale offroading events each year, for the last six years, creating the biggest and most direct-to-target event for your marketing team.

Each event is topographically unique and culturally specific with our events and activities appealing to the broadest range of UTV enthusiasts possible. Not only does each location bring a new and dedicated group of enthusiasts, but each location also brings a new set of marketing opportunities and exposure.

Event Pillars

  1. An amazing assortment of Family-Friendly Activities that draw thousands of participants every year.
  2. A diverse and coherent Vendor Row that builds up and supports the UTV community.
  3. An unforgettable Geographical Location that equally impacts the participant and the sponsors/vendors.

The 2023 Tour of Events

Coos Bay, OR
Boxcar Campground
June 21-25, 2023
10,000+ Expected Attendees
Countries Largest UTV Dune Event
Epic Coastal Backdrop
Access to >19 Miles of Dunes & Coastline
>4.5m Regional Population
500 On-Site & >5,000 Off-Site Campers
>2,000' of Vendor Space
Hurricane, UT
Sand Hollow State Park
October 18-22, 2023
10,000+ Expected Attendees
Amazing Scenic Marketing Ops
All Terrains Represented
>7m Local Population
Recreation Heavy Tourism
1,500+ On-Site Campers
>2,000' of Vendors

Participation & Engagement

UTV Takeover brings the side-by-side enthusiast community, sponsors, and quality vendors together for a family-friendly, action-packed 5-day event full of fun and riding. Over 30,000 people join us each year to enjoy all of the fun activities organized by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. An adrenaline seeker can participate in competitive activities like Short Course Racing, Barrel Racing, Hill Climbing competitions, Drags Racing, and Mud Bogs, while the more easy-going family might participate in mini-games, Blind Bandit obstacle courses, Treasure Hunts, Tire Tosses, and more!

Each day of the event features a number of premier competitions that draw crowds of thousands for an exhilarating spectating experience, unlike any other offroad event. These activities have grown a life of their own, and the two most prominent examples are our Wheeliefest and Huckfest competitions along with our athlete expositions. Thousands of attendees gather around to watch these athletes battle it out for yearly bragging rights! Every year the layout and difficulty components are slightly different and have proven to provide viral social interaction and engagement at every event.

An Awesome Vending Experience

UTV Takeover’s vending experience is unlike any other show. Our team strives to build the biggest, strongest, and most well run Vendor Row. This starts before the event! We work with each vendor to make sure they are informed on everything they’re getting with their space, what resources they have and how to grow as a vendor. We then communicate with each vendor before the event, during arrival and the event, to schedule arrival times, moving adjustments, power and water needs, refuse and more! Never worry about your on-site experience, we’ve got your back!

This year we’re putting together even more awesome reasons for our community to return to Vendor Row with additional activities for the attendees to participate in right alongside your brand and team. Strategic placement of all community points of interest, along with bathroom and food accommodations, all funnel the most amount of people through the length of vendors before and after their visit!


UTV Takeover now uses an online checkout for sponsorships and vending during the 2023 tour of events. All sponsorships purchased are locked in; no wondering if you got the spot! All sponsorships are reviewed for a well balanced event. We encourage new businesses to participate in our events but also work with long established brands in our industry to help promote a healthy offroad community!

If you would like to participate with UTV Takeover but don’t see a package that’s right for you, please contact our team below to discuss building a custom package that meets your brand goals!


Event Sales Team
[email protected]

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