Event Program Packages

Our Event Programs are the best in the country offering the best laid out content, best-placed ads, and the most helpful content for the attendees to keep referencing all week long!

Landing between 40-50 pages, our Programs combine the Takeover experience with the best brands in the industry! We offer multiple ad sizes that can fit your brand’s budget and marketing needs.

One of the great ways the program continues to provide value is online and on mobile devices! Our programs get published on our website allowing for any online user to download and flip through the pages of our amazing event. While looking for map information or activity schedules, they see your brand right next to the content! If they are interested in your brand, they can simply tap the ad and go straight to your website!


Front Cover & Inside Full Page: $1,200/event
Full Spread: $1,000/each
Back Cover & Inside Full Page: $800/event
Full Page: $600/each (Included with Title Sponsorships)
Half Page: $400/each (Included with Elite Sponsorships)
Eighth Page: Included with Presenting Sponsorships only!

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