Title Sponsorship Packages

Offroad Takeover is the most extensive community-focused, family-friendly tour of action-packed UTV events in the United States! The Takeover team takes pride in bringing the UTV riding community and the nation’s highest quality brands together to celebrate our offroad freedoms, culture, and unique experiences.

The Takeover events have grown over the last seven years to become the fastest-growing and most comprehensive riding events tour in our industry. Takeover now provides multiple topographically unique and culturally specific events and activities appealing to the broadest range of UTV enthusiasts possible.

Participation & Engagement

Offroad Takeover brings the UTV enthusiast community, sponsors, and quality vendors together for a family-friendly, action-packed 5-day event full of fun and riding. Over 30,000 people join us each year to enjoy all of the fun activities organized by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. An adrenaline seeker can participate in competitive activities like Short Course racing, Barrel Racing, Hillfest competitions, and Mud Bogs, while the more easy-going family might participate in mini-games, Blind Bandit obstacle courses, Treasure Hunts, and more!

Each day of the event features a premier competition that draws large crowds of attendees for an exhilarating spectating experience, unlike any other UTV event. These activities have grown a life of their own, and the two most prominent examples are our Wheeliefest and Huckfest competitions along with our athlete expositions. Thousands of attendees gather around to watch these athletes battle it out for yearly bragging rights! Every year the layout and difficulty components are slightly different and have proven to provide viral social interaction and engagement at every event.

Value & Exposure

Sponsoring an Offroad Takeover tour is more than your logo on a flyer. We are constantly looking for new ways to bring value and exposure to the brands that help our team build a stronger community experience.  Along with on-site exposure, we’ve ramped up this year to provide even more online exposure across new and existing platforms, new audible experiences and additional organic marketing opportunities throughout the year’s events, engaging our fans with your brand messaging.

We exclusively work with only four Title Sponsors per year and we provide a unique sponsorship package unlike anything other in the industry. We have broken this into four main categories of engagement.

On-Site Tangibles

Each event features prominent brand ownership on all signage and materials. This includes large inflatable archways welcoming attendees at all entrances,  event stages, flags and signage throughout the event, banners at all high traffic areas,  activities, games, raffles, custom event trailer wraps, inclusion in all printed materials, tour-specific merchandise, clothing printed for each event’s staff, and a lot more!

Expected Presentations


  • Event Title Banner outside the Takeover Community Tent
  • Banner within the Takeover Community Tent
  • Banner presented at focal point of Activities
  • Logo presented on Takeover Stage Backdrop
  • Logo presented on Takeover Inflatable Archways
  • Logo presented on Takeover Feather Flags
  • Logo presented on Takeover Staff Polo Shirts
  • Logo presented on Takeover Volunteer Vests
  • Logo presented on Takeover Tour Merchandise
  • Logo presented on Takeover Supply Trailer
  • Logo presented on Takeover Corn Hole Boards


  • Logo presented on Printed Program’s Cover
  • Logo presented on Printed Program’s Interior Footers
  • Logo presented on Printed Program’s Sponsor Grid
  • Full Page Ad Spot included within Printed Program


  • Large Linked Logo on Home Page
  • Large Linked Logo on Each Event Landing Page
  • Linked Logo presented on Header & Footer of all tour pages
  • Linked Logo presented on Sponsor Page
  • Linked Logo presented on Vendors Page


  • Sponsor Mention during Activity Reminders
  • Sponsor Mentions during the Activity


  • Presented on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube Channel Headers
  • Presented on our Facebook Community Group Header
  • Presented on Facebook Event Page Headers
  • Dedicated Tour Sponsor Annoucement Video (in-house)
  • Dedicated per-Event Sponsor Video Post (in-house)
  • One Sponsor Video Post Per-Event
  • Two Sponsor Photo Posts Per-Event
  • Presented in Tour related Photo Posts
  • Presented in Tour related Video Posts
  • Sponsor-Specific “Come Visit” post (in-house)
  • Presented in All Event Recap Videos

Online Tangibles

Each tour, we rebuild and tune our online presence. The first place attendees go for ticket sales, camping, schedules, and more is our website. Every attendee and camper has visited our site at least once, but trends to be multiple times a day during an event. Each title sponsor has a prominent placement at the top and bottom of every tour-related page on the Offroad Takeover website. Additionally, each Title Sponsor is represented on all online schedules, maps, and other electronic resources.

Produced Media

Each year we try to bring the most exciting events to the grounds of epic and scenic locations, and this year we’re bringing new investment into creating exciting and timely content around these events, sponsors and activities. This push to create sharable and marketable content will include our Title Sponsors whenever possible as well as feature their sponsorship branding within the media and accompanying content. Additionally, we’re opening up the Offroad Takeover media team’s content to our title sponsors. If you need content for your marketing efforts, we can work together to make sure everybody’s calendar is full of high-quality consumables.

Social Media Engagement

Social media is at the heart of every marketing package these days and UTV Takeover is no different! This year we are focused on providing network-specific optimized social media posts, ads, and more. Working with your brand to establish a solid marketing footprint that aligns with your brand’s yearly marketing goals and brand message. There are hundreds of social media posts, ads, and media opportunities that happen per event and additional posts throughout the year that all feature your logo, account tags, and hashtags.

Even though we have tens of thousands of average daily organic reach, we exponentiate this reach by partnering with targeted local riding groups, brands, vendors, and athletes to promote Offroad Takeover posts and content. This additional reach allows us to reach hundreds of thousands of uniquely qualified users on a daily basis. On top of our extended organic reach, our strategic partnerships with athletes and personalities open the doors to an additional 100,000+ qualified social users that might not be native to the Takeover experience!

Succeeding Together

We look forward to bringing the best of both of our teams together and we will be reaching out to your team to make sure we have all of the bases covered. We will be contacting you to make sure that all marketing materials, resources and contacts are made, organized, and ready months in advance of this year’s events. We are looking to execute many of the noted items quickly so that your brand has as much exposure to our audience building up to, during and following this year’s events!

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