We Are Coos Bay, OR

Takeover is the most extensive community-focused, family-friendly tour of action-packed UTV events in the United States! The Takeover team takes pride in bringing the UTV riding community and the nation’s highest quality brands together to celebrate our offroad freedoms, culture, and unique experiences.

The Takeover events have grown over the last six years to become the fastest-growing and most comprehensive riding events tour in our industry. Takeover now stretches coast to coast, providing four topographically unique and culturally specific events and activities appealing to the broadest range of UTV enthusiasts possible.

Passion Driven

The Takeover story began in 2015 when UTV enthusiasts and business owners Steve McCarthy and Jim McIntire recognized the lack of family-friendly, interactive events that catered to the growing UTV market. They then created UTV Takeover and took over the UTV events scene by storm! Since then, the Takeover team has grown and evolved and the schedule has become “the” offroad events that enthusiasts schedule their vacations around and brands pencil into their budgets every year. The unique combination of location, brands, community engagement, and promotion of the UTV lifestyle is what brings our attendees back year after year with larger groups of friends, riding clubs, and families. This engagement drives us to grow bigger, share new experiences, and facilitate the creation of memories that will last generations.

Participation & Engagement

Takeover brings the UTV enthusiast community, sponsors, and quality vendors together for a family-friendly, action-packed 5-day event full of fun and riding. Over 30,000 people join us each year to enjoy all of the fun activities organized by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. An adrenaline seeker can participate in competitive activities like short course racing, barrel racing, hill climb competitions, and mud bogs, while the more easy-going family might participate in mini-games, blind bandit obstacle courses, treasure hunts, and more!

Each day of the event features a premier competition that draws large crowds of attendees for an exhilarating spectating experience, unlike any other UTV event. These activities have grown a life of their own, and the two most prominent examples are our Wheeliefest and Huckfest competitions along with our athlete expositions. Thousands of attendees gather around to watch these athletes battle it out for yearly bragging rights! Every year the layout and difficulty components are slightly different and have proven to provide viral social interaction and engagement at every event.

Giving Back

We believe that bringing large numbers of offroad enthusiasts together provides us a unique opportunity to give back to the community. We do this by working with our partners to provide opportunities for them to promote their philanthropic missions while also donating thousands of dollars each year to national and local charities. Examples of groups we contribute to are the American Legion, Central Oregon Veterans Outreach, AMVETS, Fishing Veterans of America, NW UTV Trail Riders, Marsh Field High School, North Bay Fire, Hauser Fire & Police, Hauser County Sheriff Dept., volunteer EMS and dune patrol groups, local riding areas open. By gathering like-minded people working towards a common goal, we can make a positive impact on the communities that support the offroad industry and help keep our favorite riding areas open for years to come.

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